Thursday, March 20, 2014

Either my computer is learning what I need and giving it to me before I get lost or I am sharper today and can figure out how to direct it better. I was able to send the photo where I wanted it to go. Maybe it is the relief that Heidi has said she will take over the website for me is clearing my brain..          
  Instead of joy to have that worry calmed I am feeling that giving up the website means I need to try to hang on to what I can do with more energy so I am  fiddling with the puzzles.
Last night I finished (or quit on the little monkey.) I had beaded the brown part of his face and then decided it did not look good (the eyes were too deeply sunk in) and cut it all out. My hands strayed to the bat and I am trying that. Maybe it has something to do with "bats in my belfry."