Thursday, February 6, 2014

I was feeling the rabbit, which is covered with pink beads, looks so orange here but I see in the previous photo it also looked very orange. I liked how the whiskers turned out. I had bought a bunch of #15 needles and they are so breakable that often a new one will break as I thread it. So I began keeping the longer sections to stick through the limp lines of white beads. When I got the needle in I could push the extra length  in to hide it in the animal.

One day when my glasses were bothering me and it was just too hard to see the beads, I cut open a big baby giraffe and a baby one to replace the stuffing. They looked so fat they did not even look like giraffe-like. Then I found a way to tuck in the extra fabric to give them a figure. So above is the tiny one and below if the bigger one. I tried something new on the big one. I finished the ears, feet and horns, and mane and then I started the rest of the skin. I don't know how much time this system saved me, but I certainly liked looking at the animal that seemed to becoming one.

When I get this one done I will photograph it beside the tiny one so you can see the difference.