Thursday, August 18, 2011

I had left a note on the "Self Portrait" entry in the Art in the Redwoods entry that they should call if they had trouble hanging it so it was no surprise Monday evening when Sue called to say they had found an excellent place for the piece in the foyer. However they were afraid that the loose beads on the flagstone would skitter around and be a hazard. It was her idea that I bring a bowl and put them in it. By morning I had the idea that the bowl sitting directly on the floor would not look right and got the new idea of placing it on a low pedestal.
Knowning how a show of this size (over 320 entries) absorbs pedestals, I took my own. But while standing around waiting on a ladder, they had hung the piece from one of the gold hooks instead of the silver one, I noticed a pile of pedestals and asked if these were the left-overs? They were. Probably because they were so short (who wants their work shown that close to the floor?) so within seconds we had this arrangement. The work hangs between two huge windows and it is in the very place where my fountain was shown several years ago that sold.
As Sue was attaching the label she caught a glimpse of my price ($250) and hissed her displeasure at my inability to price my work. Thank goodness she was too busy with others asking her advice on the other problems to give me the lecture.