Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So now I am following the directions - somewhat. I figured out that my color printer would have the necessary memory and got the instruction sheet with web-like diagrams in color. Instead of starting each leg and pulling them together to then fill in the center. I start a center with circular peyote which assures me that my center will be centered with just five beads. Then I add a leg, doing it to the end and go on to the next one. With all the legs in place I close up the center on the back which it is not so vital that this center is perfectly centered.

The difference between the length of these legs and my more extreme starfish of the other day is only two rows of a repeat. On my design I made a reduction (by skipping a stitch) and then worked five rows in that size. In these starfish there are only three rows in the same size. The starfish at the bottom are turned over so you can see the decreases.

Since I am not a great counter-person, these decreases are often made according to 'feeling' of what the individual leg needs. Also I figure not all legs need to be equal and often aren't in real life because a crab has lunched on one that is still growing back. I maintain my starfish legs are equal enough to give the impression of a starfish! I seemed to be hooked on these and am now trying to determine the best color or colors.