Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The little lights on a plug-in wire came on Friday and on Saturday I was able to redo the pumpkin and ghost mouse. It went back together fairly fast and I feel the whole composition is better, but when I looked at the previous photos, it had really not changed that much. Will now enter it in the Art in the Redwoods.

So with that long project off the trays, I went searching for something new, and found this in Beadwork. The small, narrow example was made following the instructions. It seemed too thin, with Delicas, to support embellishment so I made a much wider one with seed pearls and it has the heft I need from a bracelet. Nice but not my thing.

Yesterday I ordered the 'blog2book' to preserve my blogs of the past year. They had a 15% off sale so I got it, postpaid for $30. One of my reasons for keeping up this blog is to journal what I am making and thinking, but that needs a journal and for me, a journal is a book. They did such a good job last year that I am eager to see this year's book.