Monday, April 11, 2011

As a result of my vast reading (!) I found this method for making spiral crocheted beads. I think that for beginners it would be even easier to use this method than the usual one of bands of several colors. If your rope-bracelet is five beads around, you string on five different beads and then repeat the same order of five different beads until you have a 3 - 4 foot string. This method is so much more helpful, especially when beginning, because you always add a new bead to the same one in the previous row. Goofs are immediately visible and the 'cluster of grapes' in the beginning makes sense so you can add on at the proper place.

I really enjoy crocheting these ropes, but like most people, I do not enjoy sewing them together. Even the 'job' of putting the beads and colors together is fun and stringing them is possible even when I am very tired. Of course I do make errors then. If the beads are doubled up I can break the extra bead and save my reputation. However is missed bead is noticed forever.