Monday, February 14, 2011

Last night as I added the finishing touches to these two contest entries, I heard the wind howling around the house and a patter of raindrops - the first in six weeks. In the morning yesterday I had set up the photostage in the studio that depends on sunshine coming in the open garage door. I looked up the weather forecast online and saw we were scheduled for 10 days of rain.
When lunchtime came I had no appetite so Werner and I agreed to wait another hour. Within a few minutes he called down to me that the sun was almost shining. Between two storms I raced to the studio and got these two photos made.

Return of the Ghost Mouse
I am thinking of sending this one to Fire Mountain. What you cannot see in the photo are the lights in the mouse and bugs. I miss the old film camera that could make a double exposure so I could superimpose the lighted version over the daylight scene. The pumpkin is 8 inches tall.

Visiting Snowman
This is the entry for Beadwork's "Beaded Earth" contest. I need to look at these photos awhile to see if I need another view, better placement or if something should be added. Fortunately I took the snowman's photo with the full sun. Already by the time I got the pumpkin set up it was getting hazy. I had hoped the lights would show up better but I see they didn't.
Now I have 'empty tray' syndrome. What to make next? While searching for something else a few days ago the basket of fishing lures tumbled off the shelf so I will go back to them. I have greatly enjoyed these two works. I started the pumpkin at the end of October, just before Halloween and started the snowman in January. I think I need a spring theme. I really dread going back to jewelry making. . .