Monday, January 3, 2011

Yesterday I got Dolly's head on her shoulders and added the black straw hat. I finally decided that I had to see how she hangs and suspended a line from the upstairs down through a heating duct. It was good as it gives me a chance to figure out where to put her arms/hands. Because the arms are so thin I think I will close up her hug a bit by placing the arms straight out from the body and only slightly separated.
We now plan to install her on Tuesday instead of Wednesday so hopefully a better photo of her can be here by then.
As a way to stop myself from wanting to tear her apart and make 1000 changes, I worked on the black cat. It seems to be even better than what I imagined. It is not often that happens. Today I hope to make the ghost mouse [realized only this morning that I can put a light in it!] today [after I rest from packing Dolly for transport] and then I can show you the whole thing tomorrow. Oops, I will out hanging Dolly tomorrow. Wish me luck. This part is the hardest on the old nerves.