Thursday, January 13, 2011

So the snowman begins! I wanted to start with the head and I had the two acrylic balls for the body so I had to find a ball shape that kept the relationship. In the fruit basket was a very dried up lemon that I think will be about right. I made several attempts trying out different sized beads and colors of white but by late evening had decided that the double wall method as done for the pumpkin would be the best again. If you look closely you can see that the inner layer of beads are 8s and the outer layer at the top is made of 11s.
It is so nice to get a whiff of lemon when the needle accidentally pokes too deep! And I can thank photoshop's automatic levels for the marvelous background. This has the grinning face I worked so hard to get on the pumpkin!
I put the marks on the lemon so I can be sure to use the black beads for coal in the right places but the piece already has a sunny nature. May the whole snowman carry it off!