Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yesterday the promised rain forgot to show up, so in warm sunny skies I was able to work in the studio. Got the letters "above the" glued to panel #2. Somehow, perhaps the experience of working on the other panels, this time the gluing went better. I probably used less glue and so far none of it is outside of the letter. Today it is too soft to move so I have to leave it lay until the letters are firm enough to stick. Then I can add the last word - "river."
When Werner went back to buy more Barge Cement, Dennis also gave him a bottle of fabric glue. I want to try it out, see how much it shows, and if it is transparent, I can use that over the stitching so that the thread does not tear the gauze. Then I can avoid having to attach each letter to the rod.
Worked on the rug again last night. It is going well and staying flat. I am running out of the beads (since I used so many in the other attempts). I debated whether to cut those apart or just order more. Since the colors are so close it would be very hard to sort the cut-loose beads, so I ordered more.