Saturday, March 7, 2009

The revolving stand arrived yesterday and it is such an improvement over the one I had. It was battery-run, made a terrible grinding noise, and refused to run if more than 8 oz. was put on it. This one, from Nice Toys, is small, black, and works perfectly. It makes 4 rpm so it is not too slow and not too fast. Getting it now was perfect timing also, as now I really see how big the rug needs to be.
Oops. I wanted to show you how the rug has advanced, but my scanner and computer seem to be having a spat and refuse to speak to each other.
My next big job is to find and record the beads used in the project. There must be over 40 and I dread having to find a number for each one.
Today we have a beautiful day so I am eager to get to the studio to glue down the last word on panel #2. If I have enough energy left over I will prepare the rods and glue on the end tips. More smelly glue but good weather for it.