Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More and more I am thinking that my headaches and feelings that I am lost or not comprehending the world as I should is due to changes that need to be made in my glasses. I noticed it was so hard to finish this giraffe with the tiny Charlottes someone had given me.for his hooves Between the black thread, the black beads and the dark  inner spaces I simply could not see anything at night with lamps.

So in desperation to be beading something, and not to feel too old to bead, I went back to doing these stars from Dorise Ford. The bright colors seem to help me a bit but I still see places where I have not placed the needle precisely. This only makes me more eager for Friday and the appointment with Gina.. Today the sun is shining so I want to see if I can get all the undone places beaded before dark.