Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You may have expected snow or Christmas images here but the winter holidays have given me this. With all the computer downtime and the need to rest my knee I have gotten this far with the new project. I still need to make the cat and the mouse and I had to order a new set of lights. Last night, resting after taking down the tree, I worked on the bug bodies which were more fun than designing a black cat.
I ordered a floral lighting kit with a battery and 10 lights. One goes into the candle (which you can almost see in the nose-hole) and the rest will be 'bugs' and lights around the outside. I tried to find lights that twinkled but so far have had no luck. I did not have luck in this one either.
For awhile I was discomboomerated by the deadline date of March 7, but now am feeling that I can get this done in time. That feeling allows me to take my time, tear out the goofies, and do my best and then redo it.